CECIEx (Brazilian Council for Import and Export Companies)

CECIEx is the Brazilian Council for Import and Export Companies, advocating in the interests of this sector
and promoting Brazilian Foreign Trade.

CECIEx currently comprises over 400 import and export companies, with particular emphasis on small and mid-size companies, however also includes large companies located throughout Brazil.

CECIEx also develops initiatives to bring together import and export companies and industries, and maintains special projects with ApexBrasil (Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency) in order for holding national and international events to promote exports.

This project called Brazilian Suppliers aims to promote exports of small Brazilian companies’ products by fostering their operations through Exporting Houses (expert export companies supported by the Trade Promotion Organization).

Therefore, the Project promotes the exports of small enterprises through Exporting Houses that have been identified and qualified in the Brazilian Suppliers Directory creating business opportunities between these Exporting Houses and international buyers through trade promotion events.

The Brazilian Suppliers Directory aims to bring together foreign buyers and Exporting Houses specialized in specific products or markets. The Directory also helps small enterprises to identify Exporting Houses which can facilitate their access to foreign markets. Among the advantages offered by Exporting Houses, we underscore:

  • Customs Procedures: Customs management process in source and / or destination.
  • International contracts: legal certainty of business deals.
  • Financial operations: transport of goods with the best cost / benefit ratio.
  • Logistics operations: transport of goods with the best cost / benefit ratio.
  • Business relationships: attracting and retaining foreign customers.
  • Process Control: operational actions to ensure finalization of deals.
The Project stands on three pillars:

  • Institutional actions: strengthening of the sector and identification of barriers.
  • Sectorial Actions: alliances between the small enterprises and Exporting houses.
  • Trade Promotion: business meetings held in Brazil and abroad between Exporting Houses and international buyers.
  • Trading companies and Exporting Houses
  • Trading companies and Exporting Houses have similar constitution, rights, obligations and benefits, however 
  • Exporting Houses are focused on the exports of goods produced by small enterprises under special governmental programs. 
Advantages in dealing with Exporting Houses

Exporting Houses are experts in international trade, which will assure international buyers of the best cost/benefit factor in all details of the exporting process, such as: contracts, logistics, finance and customs.

To sum up, the aims of the CECIEx are to:

  • Encourage the setting up of partnerships between small and medium manufacturing companies (SME’s) and import and export companies;
  • Undertake initiatives for promoting overseas business through buyer projects, overseas trade missions, in addition to receiving foreign trade missions and organizing training seminars;
  • Strengthen and expand the network of relationships with other international trade companies and professionals;
  • Represent import and exporting companies after government bodies;
  • Provide training for and certify the services provided by start-up trading companies;
  • Identify and overcome the obstacles preventing the full development of the sectors’ trading activities.